Neutralizing Sensory Reminders – Day 1

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Neutralization: A Specific Trauma Treatment Intervention

Sensorial reminders are particularly dysregulating for traumatized individuals. Sensorial reminders of traumatic events should be identified in an assessment process, utilizing sensorial screens.

Once identified, a neutralization process can be implemented in which the reminders no longer activate the individual. Further to this neutralization, a transformation process is initiated in which a new context is created enabling the reminder to not only be neutralized, but transformed.

This training will teach and demonstrate, through case examples, the neutralization method utilized in successful therapeutic intervention for sensorial reminders, sometimes referred to as “triggers”. This workshop will provide skill-based training in a specific therapeutic method, developed and used successfully by the trainer for 15 years.

Sensorial reminders of past traumatic events can be terrifying; producing significant avoidant and phobic behaviour. Historically, exposure therapy has been utilized to address similar phobic behaviours. The methodology involved in exposure therapy can exacerbate traumatic symptoms, re-traumatizing the individual. Important clinical differentiations, criteria for appropriate choices of method and theoretical underpinnings will be outlined.

The Neutralization Process is a four dimensional process guided by a specific protocol and approach. This training will enable participants to think through using this approach with their clients. Participants are encouraged to be prepared with a case example with which to work in a direct application exercise.

Trainer: Geraldine Crisci

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