Counselling and Consultation Services

Our work is predominately with individuals and families. We provide service to children, from pre-school to young adulthood. Geraldine Crisci, M.S.W., has over thirty years experience as a clinician and is experienced in working with clients who have complex needs. Geraldine Crisci and Associates can provide parental guidance to parents who are worried about their children’s emotional responses or behavioural changes.

Geraldine Crisci has provided consultation to a number of agencies who support children and their families. This includes clinical supervision; case review and consultation and program review. Geraldine also provides training and ongoing consultation packages to agencies. Please contact us for more information, or to book a training event at your organization.

Areas of Expertise and Interest

  • General Trauma Assessment (including accidental and non accidental injury; and children living in violence)
  • Sexual Trauma Assessment
  • Sexual Behaviour Problems in Prepubescent Children
  • Sibling Sexual Abuse Assessment
  • Supporting Adoption Successes
  • Trauma Assessment for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities

Treatment Programs

  • General Mental Health
  • Sexual/Physical Trauma and Assault
  • Sibling Sexual Abuse Treatment and Reunification
  • Sexual Behaviour in Prepubescent Children
  • Supporting Adoption Successes
  • Reunification Protocols for Children returning to their birth families.
  • Trauma Treatment for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities

File Reviews

File reviews are often provided in cases which involve the welfare of young children. There may be uncertainty, particularly in cases in which the child is under the age of seven years, when there is concern regarding harm or risk. This situation can be further complicated by a custody/access dispute. Police and Protection often play a role in investigation of these cases. Investigation involving young children is often challenging, because of the language and cognitive limitations of this age group. A file review includes an examination of all relevant material involving stated concerns of each parent; child statements; and the involvement of formal agencies. It is sometimes necessary to conduct an independent review in order to assure the child’s needs are considered independently of the needs of the parent(s).

Such reviews often involve 35-45 hours of time. A retainer of $5,000 is required. The final report will be released upon payment of the balance. Average costs: $5,000 – $10, 000.


Geraldine Crisci M.S.W. is a qualified criminal court expert witness in the areas of:

  • Disclosure process
  • Sexual abuse dynamics
  • Trauma assessment
  • Investigative interviewing of young children
  • Memory and suggestibility in young children