Clinical Therapist for Children and Youth

Great workshop with competent presenters. Thank you for a training that provides actual protocols and practical experience! The Externalization of Graphic Imagery Workshop puts theory into practical application. We had the opportunity to gain practical skills! Excellent case examples helped illustrate the protocol. Whether you are new to the field or an experienced practitioner, this

Teresa, Child and Family Therapist

The workshop was excellent. It really lays the groundwork to use art in therapy effectively. Geraldine and Laurel deliver the material in an engaging way that really makes it click.

Child Therapist – Day Treatment Program

Very lucky to be included in the first training group for this workshop. Both Laurel and Geraldine present with confidence and passion which drives home the importance of this work.

Val, Clinical Therapist

I am a clinician who works primarily with children's mental health in a northern community. The training I have received with Ms. Crisci has completely transformed my practice. It has provided me with a new lens to view my clients and I feel more efficient as a therapist, more now than ever. Using the skills

Enlightening material; gives us a clear look at the challenges we face in assisting youth overcome the obstacles they face in providing a positive outlook on life and their futures.

The way in which Geri Crisci delivered the training was essential to how educating it was. Her knowledge, experience and ability to see numerous sides made this a valuable experience. This is the most educational training I’ve had in my career to date.

Debby Timmermans

Geraldine Crisci’s training has had a profound effect on how we approach treatment within our teams. She has taught us to reach out to children and families in ways that have a lasting impact. The attachment training is fresh and dynamic. One not to be missed!

Carol Dickson

I found Geraldine Crisci to be very knowledgeable and ‘real’ about what kids experience and how they react/respond. Her ability to articulate the complexities of our work so clearly while also including the research/theory component, was outstanding. I would certainly attend further workshops by this presenter.


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